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Pagiarism and Paraphrasing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pagiarism and Paraphrasing - Essay Example Also, the understudy begins the sentence as the first sentence without the utilization of elective words and significant associating words to make the thought unique. In their accommodation, the understudy could have summarized the sentence as follows: given the way that reviews in the biomedical field request exacting dutifulness to the standards and guidelines and the way that few friends audit concentrates under the field, it is as yet insufficient to give full credit to an academic work without due steadiness (Crossen, 1994). This sentence is unique and much better and along these lines satisfies the satisfactory guidelines of unoriginality in light of the fact that in spite of the fact that it communicates similar thoughts, it utilizes totally extraordinary wording. A second sentence in the entry that has some component of literary theft in it is the last expression that goes, ‘and â€Å"buffing† the outcomes by indicating them in the best light’. Clearly, th e understudy has again lifted the entire expression from the first content yet has just balanced the wording at an insignificant level that despite everything comprises counterfeiting. In an effectively reworded book, the understudy could have expressed that ‘the biomedical researchers should introduce their outcomes as they are and not modify them to suit the worthy scenarios.O’Conner (2003) contended that the specialty of broad composition and perusing should be the diversion of any essayist who wishes to exceed expectations in the field. In fact, most authors will in general put data over some of which may not be satisfactory to certain clients because of their multifaceted nature or the unsatisfactory quality of the data relayed.... o the guidelines and guidelines, and the way that few friends survey concentrates under the field, it is as yet insufficient to give full credit to an insightful work without due determination (Crossen, 1994). This sentence is unique and much better and accordingly satisfies the adequate guidelines of unoriginality on the grounds that despite the fact that it communicates similar thoughts, it utilizes totally extraordinary wording. A second sentence in the section that has some component of literary theft in it is the last expression that goes, ‘and â€Å"buffing† the outcomes by indicating them in the best light’. Obviously, the understudy has again lifted the entire expression from the first content however has just balanced the wording at an insignificant level that despite everything comprises copyright infringement. In an accurately summarized book, the understudy could have expressed that ‘the biomedical researchers should introduce their outcomes as t hey are and not adjust them to suit the satisfactory situations (Crossen, 1994). Once more, this is currently progressively proper and can qualify as a worthy rework. References Top of Form Bottom of Form Crossen, C. (1994). Spoiled: The control of actuality in America. New York: Touchstone, pp. 166-167. Task 2: Paraphrasing O’Conner (2003) contended that the craft of broad composition and perusing should be the side interest of any essayist who wishes to exceed expectations in the field. For sure, most authors will in general put data over some of which may not be acceptable to certain clients because of their intricacy or the unsatisfactory quality of the data transferred. This in any case, the essayist ought to consistently guarantee that their bits of work are basic yet exact as to pass on their thoughts in precise way as well as engaging way particularly to their liked perusers. References O’Conner, P. (2003). Hardship is I: The grammarphobe’s manual for be tter English

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A Timeline of Major Events in the American Civil Rights Movement :: American Civil Rights Movement

Social equality Movement: 1890-1900 1890: The territory of Mississippi receives survey duties and proficiency tests to debilitate dark voters. 1895: Booker T. Washington conveys his Atlanta Exposition discourse, which acknowledges isolation of the races. 1896: The Supreme Court administers in Plessy v. Ferguson the different however equivalent treatment of the races is protected. 1900-1910 1900-1915: Over one thousand blacks are lynched in the conditions of the previous Confederacy. 1905: The Niagara Movement is established by W.E.B. du Bois and other dark pioneers to ask more straightforward activity to accomplish dark social liberties. 1910-1920 1910: National Urban League is established to help the states of urban African Americans. 1920-1930 1925: Black patriot pioneer Marcus Garvey is indicted for mail misrepresentation. 1928: For the first run through in the twentieth century an African American is chosen for Congress. 1930-1940 1931: Farrad Muhammad builds up in Detroit what will end up being the Black Muslim Movement. 1933: The NAACP documents - and loses-its firs suit against isolation and separation in instruction. 1938: The Supreme Court arranges the affirmation of a dark candidate to the University of Missouri Law School 1941: A. Philip Randoph compromises a monstrous walk on Washington except if the Roosevelt organization takes measures to guarantee dark work in barrier ventures; Roosevelt consents to build up Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC). 1942: The congress of Racial Equality (CORE) is sorted out in Chicago. 1943: Race revolts in Detroit and Harlem cause dark pioneers to request that their adherents be less requesting in affirming their promise to social equality; A. Philip Randolph breaks positions to call for common noncompliance against Jim Crow schools and railways. 1946: The Supreme Court, in Morgan v. The Commonwealth of Virginia, decides that state laws requiring racial isolation on transports disregards the Constitution when applied to interstate travelers. 1947: Jackie Robinson breaks the shading line in significant group baseball. 1947: To Secure These Rights, the report by the President’s Committee on Civil Rights, is discharged; the commission, named by President Harry S. Truman, prescribes government activity to make sure about social equality for all Americans. 1948: President Harry S. Truman gives an official request integrating the furnished administrations. 1950-1960 1950: The NAACP chooses to make its legitimate procedure a full-scale assault on instructive isolation. 1954: First White Citizens Council meeting is held in Mississippi. 1954: School year starts with the coordination of 150 in the past isolated school locale in eight states; numerous other school regions stay isolated.

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How to Recover From an AMAZING Book

How to Recover From an AMAZING Book I FINALLY read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline a few weeks ago. Blew my mind sky high. I mean, like there was much room to go wrong with a book thats basically Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Matrix. Its Harry Potter and Hunger Games fun. If you havent gotten on it, what are you waiting for, go on and git! I finished the audiobook in a few days. And then I had no idea what to do with my reading self. Its easy to move on from a good book. And its REALLY easy to move on from a terrible one. But how do you get past a great book? A story that used your brain chemicals as its own personal chemistry set! A book that played cats cradle with the strands of your DNA! Its like breaking up with someone youre still in love with. Its like having to move the minute you got all your stuff settled into your new house. Its like being starving and only getting to take two bites out of your lunch. How do you get over that? I was going to come up with a list for this piece, of ways to recover. I brainstormed reading a bunch of essays and poetry and short pieces before your next book, watching a slew of documentaries on Netflix to palate-cleanse, reading, if possible, the backlist of the author who blew your mind clear to the stratosphere. (Curses, Cline, for not having your follow-up Armada written and published, I want that sucker in my hands yesterday.) I think all these things could work. I do. But then I posed the question to our Book Riot team and got an answer that to me feels like THE answer. Rebecca Schinsky said, Only thing that works for me is to switch genres completely. Mindblowing novel? Time for a food memoir. Jodi Chromey agreed, I call that nextbookaphobia and Im with Rebecca you have to read something so totally different it cant suffer in comparison. Peter Damien made it a consensus, saying I do the same thing. Got to shift gears wildly. Ill go from an amazing fiction book to a biography, or to a comic. Frequently Ill go reread a book after the mindblowing. So thats exactly what I did. I genre-switched big time. I read Martin Dressler: The Tale of An American Dreamer  by Stephen Milhauser, Pulitzer Prize-winning historical fiction. Then I read George Saunders new collection of short stories The Tenth of December, warped views of America that remind one why Saunders won his Genius Grant (hint: Its because hes the raddest). Now Im reading Sheila Hetis How Should a Person Be?,  delicious navel-gazing New Adult literary fiction. All books came with the highest recommendations. There would be no fing around with these reads. This wasnt the time to read something that was good for me or something I should have read in high school. This was the time to try to find a book I would love to pieces. I cant say I LOVED these subsequent books to pieces. But I liked them a lot to pieces. And liking a book a lot to pieces can be enough. It wasnt one book that pulled me out of my Ready Player One stupor. It was ALL of them. My revised theory, building off of Rebecca and Jodi and Peters thoughts is that you need a combo of really good books after one great one. If you get, like, NUTS lucky, youll love one of those books almost as much as you loved that mind-blowing book that ruined reading for you forever. We readers know those books are few and far between. No, what you need is the aggregate of some really good books. There are few great books. There are more really good books. Its critical to ease back into really good after having your life changed by great. Its crucial to remember that really good is usually enough. Have you recently had to recover from a mind-blowing book? Whats your reading hangover cure? Sign up to Unusual Suspects to receive news and recommendations for mystery/thriller readers. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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Organ Donation A Necessary Part Of The Healthcare Field...

Organ donation saves lives, and is a necessary part of the healthcare field. However, organ donation is failing to save as many lives as it could because of the low participation rates among the general population. There are numerous types of organ donation, and various organs that can be donated. Several issues need to be resolved and some systems need to be reformed to help increase the level of organ donation to meet demand. Several improvements such as creating an opt-out registration system, removing financial hardship obstacles for donors, and educating the public about organ donation could help remove some impediments from becoming a donor, and more lives will be saved. Organ donation has been a part of healthcare since the first organ transplant was conducted in 1954 in Boston. (Capron, 2014, p. 26) From the outset, organ donation has been a sensitive subject within the medical community as doctors see it as doing ‘harm’, a medically unnecessary medical procedure on the donor, which conflicts with the Hippocratic Oath. Organ donation became a more palatable option for doctors as the science behind organ donation progressed and the first organ donation from a deceased donor was performed in the 1960’s. As science has improved behind organ donation and transplantation, what began between family members in the first cases of transplantation has expanded to now be conducted between unrelated people. There are two types of organ donation: living and deceasedShow MoreRelatedOrgan Donation Should Be Mandatory1630 Words   |  7 Pagessubject of organ donation becomes increasingly important. For years, the topic has been the source of many controversial debates regarding its ethical and moral ideations. Organ donation should remain voluntary for several reasons: first and foremost it is still considered a donation. Next, patients and their families should have the right to say no to medical procedures. And, lastly, bodily autonomy should be respected by healthcare professionals. Many argue, however, that organ donation should beRead MoreThe Ethical And Legal Issues Of Healthcare1680 Words   |  7 PagesFiguring out how to allocate limited quantities of medications and donor organs is among the largest ethical and legal issues in healthcare. There is a concern as to whether or not there will be enough medications to go around in the future and how will these limited quantities be distributed. When shortages happen it is usually because economic incentive for a manufacturer is down. Money is king and if there is no profit to be made in manufacturing these medications then manufactures will notRead MoreMuslims A Follower Of The Religion Of Islam Essay1707 Words   |  7 Pagessuch we in the medical field need to understand and respect the attire as a part of who they are and their beliefs. We are required as medical providers to be able to accomplish our medical tasks without making our patients feel uncomfortable in the process. We must always take the time to explain to our patients what needs to be done and allow them to address with us the correct ways of accomplishing that so we stay within the cultural differences and beliefs in the medical field. Muslims beliefs relatedRead MoreOrgan Selling And An Elderly Man Sits Patiently1531 Words   |  7 PagesOrgan Selling Peering into the window of Da Vita dialysis, an elderly man sits patiently. His patience is not from the fact that he has no place to go afterwards; his schedule was clear. His patience came from the fact that he can bare the wait in the room, because he knows down the hall the nurse will be re-puncturing his forearm to administer the hemodialysis. It was his third time coming in this week, which meant he wouldn t be back until next week. Of course, when he looks at the bruising onRead MoreHealthcare Business: The Legality of Introducing a New Structure for Organ Donation2843 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿Title of paper: Healthcare Business Legality Introducing a new structure for organ donation Students name: Course name and number: Instructors name: Date submitted: January 23rd, 2012 Introduction The legal and ethical business practices that are maintained to be the standardized rules in primary industries are also critical for the successful, legal and ethical execution in the healthcare industry so that the patients can choose the right healthcare provider and structure. To furtherRead MoreAllocation Of Scarce Resources : Donor Organs2243 Words   |  9 PagesResources: Donor Organs Deborah Russell Drexel University Abstract The allocation of scarce resources is an ongoing issue in healthcare today. The scarcity of many specific interventions include beds in the intensive care unit, donor organs, and vaccines during a pandemic influenza are widely acknowledged as an extensive issue in healthcare ethics. The allocation of scarce resources is the determination of how to equally and fairly use scarce medical resources available in a healthcare environmentRead MoreEffects on Organ Donation2404 Words   |  10 PagesEFFECTS OF ORGAN DONATION FACTS ABOUT ORGAN DONATION * Like any surgery, after the donation procedure, the wound is closed and no visible mark is present as a tell-tale sign of the surgery. * The organs are removed only after the patient is declared brain dead and within 12 to 24 hours, the organs are removed for transplantation. * The success rate of organ transplantation on an average is between 75% to 85%. * Kidney, lungs, heart, skin, pancreas, liver, bones, eyes and intestinesRead MoreUse Of Bio Printers As A Replacement For Current Organ Donation Treatments1442 Words   |  6 Pagescurrent organ donation treatments was investigated. The current organ situation in Australia was explored to assess whether the implementation of bio-printing was suitable. It was discovered that more than 1,500 people are on the Australian organ transplant waiting list, and was thus concluded that bio-printing technology could assist in reducing stress on the waiting lists. Further, this investigation involved researching various bio-printing methods used by renowned scientists in the field, suchRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography of Articles on Health Communication2795 Words   |  11 PagesHealth Communication Annotated Bibliography Brezina, Corona. (2010). Organ Donation: Risks, Rewards, and Research. Rosen Pub: New York, NY. An important role of the healthcare professional will have to do with the acceptance and request for organ donations. When a patient passes away, their loved ones will be asked if the organs of the deceased can be harvested. The healthcare professional must be able to make this request with enough tact that the bereaved will not be offended. The HippocraticRead MoreOrgan And Organ Of Organ Transplantation2652 Words   |  11 Pagescentury, organ transplantation provides a way of giving the gift of life to patients with terminal failure of vital organs. Organ transplantation requires the participation of both fellow human beings and of society by donating organs from deceased or living individuals. The ever increasing rate of organ failure and the inadequate supply of organs have created a significant gap between organ supply and organ demand. This gap has resulted in extremely lengthy waiting times to receive an organ as well

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Evolution Of Knowledge And Natural Selection - 1586 Words

Since we were born we are continuing to evolve, to adapt to become more efficient and improve our relationship skills. Darwin in 1859 finished his book where the term Darwinism was first introduced, in his book he talked about the natural selection, genetics and molecular biology. His theory where relatively simplistic but they set a huge milestone for biology and evolutionary sciences. The main idea that natural selection is that the simple structure of life transform to more complex ones with new characteristic, but we a good amount of heritage from the past generation. But how good does this metaphor describe the evolution of knowledge? Firstly, we have to state the fundament difference between knowledge and natural selection. Knowledge is dependent from human control; it need an intention to be change. We need to have the right motivation and passion to evolve, we have full control over it. Whilst natural selection happens almost at random and the change and therefore the evoluti on in natural selection, are often not influenced by the choices of men. The process of natural selection, and the succession of the mutation are very slow, and occurs over hundreds of years. Intellectual evolution, instead is much quicker. When ideas are evolving, they are transformed from existing knowledge and prejudices of the community, through the invention and the discoveries of individuals thanks to technological advances as well as the basis of already existing knowledge; ideas becomeShow MoreRelatedTheory Of Evolution By Natural Selection896 Words   |  4 PagesSummary Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. According to history, Charles Darwin is the first scientist to frame the theory of evolution by natural selection. It was publish in his book title On the Origin of Species 1859†. Darwin express the theory of evolution by natural selection as a process by which species change over a period of time. This change take place because of the changes in genetic and behavioral traits. The ability of the organisms to change over time or adjust to fit environmentalRead MoreNaturalism And Evolution1098 Words   |  5 PagesPopularizing the claim that naturalism and evolution are mutual self-defeaters, Alvin Plantinga argues, in Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism (1993), that given unguided evolution, our beliefs have no intrinsic relation to the truth. Drawing on previous arguments made by C.C Lewis and Arthur Balfour, Plantinga claims that if humans are the product of undirected processes, then we cannot reasonably rely on our cognitive faculties. In fact, it’s just â€Å"as likely, †¦ that we live in a sort of dreamRead MoreEvolution Can Be Scary, Important And Intimidating1618 Words   |  7 PagesConverse over Evolution BIO 4984-001, Dr. Liu Jacob Garver The topic of evolution can be scary, important and intimidating. This was definitely the case for me, as I interviewed my grandmother. When discussing who I intended on interviewing, I immediately thought of my grandma. I wanted to hear her thoughts on the subject as well as her misconceptions. By having a great pre-existing and open relationship, I knew I could count on her for an unbiased and â€Å"real† conversation. My 65 year old grandmaRead MoreThe Theory Of Natural Selection963 Words   |  4 Pages Life is evolution. Humans continuously try to keep up with the latest trends in an attempt to remain relevant in society. In the past ten years, humans have evolved immensely with the introduction, development, and integration of technology into their culture. Virtually everything can be found on the internet. Pictures and documents are being shared through cloud storage rather than being shared directly with a physical document, and doing homework online is now the norm. People have adapted toRead MoreThe Theory Of Science And Technology1454 Words   |  6 Pagesgeologist and naturalist, best known for his significant addition to the science of evolution. He had a theory that all species have inherited traits over time from common ancestors, and in a partnership with Alfred Russel Wallace introduced his scientific theory that this pattern of evolution resulted from an action that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the natural selection involved in selective breeding. Charles Darwin is important in the developmentRead MoreDr. Charles. Darwin s Theory Of Evolution1714 Words   |  7 Pageshis contributions to the theory of evolution. He stated that all species have descended over time from common ancestors. With his joint publication with Alfred Russell Wallace he introduced the process called natural selection. Darwin published his theory of evolution in 1859 with a book, On the Origin of Specie s; many people rejected his idea of natural selection and his theory of evolution. By the 1870’s the scientific community and the public now viewed evolution as a fact. Darwin’s theories andRead MoreEvolution vs. Creation Science1650 Words   |  7 Pagesdenying this truth, the world will not be able to develop. Evolution is verifiable in comparison to creation science because of the theories, evidence, and the increasing acceptance in today’s society. In order to discuss the irrefutable nature of evolution, one must be able to fully grasp the history of this groundbreaking knowledge. Evolution is often described as a change that has occurred over an extended period of time. The world evolution conjures several theories, â€Å"scientists generally describeRead MoreThe Scientific Theory Of Science And Technology1449 Words   |  6 Pagesgeologist and naturalist, best known for his significant addition to the science of evolution. He had a theory that all species have inherited traits over time from common ancestors, and in a partnership with Alfred Russel Wallace introduced his scientific theory that this pattern of evolution resulted from an action that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence has a similar effect to the natural selection involved in selective breeding. Charles Darwin is important in the developmentRead MoreThe Controversial Theory Of Evolution1312 Words   |  6 PagesThe controversial theory of evolution has been prevalent in the minds of scientists, religious leaders, and those who follow since Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace first made the ideas officially known in 1858. The theory they proposed was that the universe and all organisms within it is constantly changing and adapting to the world around them since the beginning of time. Since Darwin’s and Wallace’s theories were shared, there has been constant disagreement and debate between the scienceRead MoreEvolution Of Life On Earth1667 Words   |  7 Pagesformation 4.6 billion years ago. Life on earth began 3.5 billion years ago, evidence supporting this statement is that the earliest fossils were found from up to 3.5 billion years ago. The following steps are believed to be the major stages in the evolution of life on Earth: 1. The formation of organic molecules Complex organic molecules formed in water on the early Earth. 2. The formation of membranes A membrane developed to isolate and protect the system of large complex organic molecules which evolved

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History of Theatre Free Essays

History of Theatre Early in the 1700’s British people that were involved with theatre were mostly middle class. There were 2 kinds of new dramatic theatre: sentimental comedy and domestic tragedy. The fist playhouse was in the American colonies was built in Williamsburg, Virginia. We will write a custom essay sample on History of Theatre or any similar topic only for you Order Now In 1741 the greatest British actor was born and his name was David Garrick. Aeschylus wrote the first major playwright and multiple contests. â€Å"The Orestria† was the last remaining tragic trilogy. Sophocles pioneered painted scenery and added the third choral leader, wrote â€Å"Antigone. Euripides went against popular belief and pioneered female protagonist. Aristophanes was the first comedian and made fun of current leaders, rated â€Å"M† for mature. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was the head German dramatist during the Enlightenment, as well as a critic, a philosopher, and an aesthetician. His works advocated liberal thinking and religious tolerance. He wrote the first German plays of â€Å"Note and Sought† to make German drama as an entity seperate from French and classical influences. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is permanently associated with the German romantic movement and is the major literary figure in German history. A true Renaissance man, he was a novelist, playwright, translator, natural philosopher, poet, musician, composer, scientist, and finally a historian. His Faust is a â€Å"closet drama†, a work in dramatic form to be read not performed. In the late 1700’s, German theatre changed dramatically by the Romantic movement known as â€Å"Sturm und Drang† (storm and stress). In 1773, British playwright Oliver Goldsmith attacked the popular sentimental comedy and proposed a more humorous and realistic â€Å"laughing comedy. † In his fast paced comedy She Stoops to Conquer, Goldsmith had achieved his goal. Rich Brinsley Sheridan got into sentimental comedy in the 1770’s with his plays The Rivals and The School for Scandal. The American Revolution had a crippling effect on all forms of theatre. Congress passed a resolution discouraging theatrical â€Å"entertainments†, and after the U. S. eclared independence, the individual states passed laws forbidding all stage performances. Most of the anti-theatre laws remained in effect until the early 1780’s. construction of the Paris Opera House began in 1861 and was completed in 1875. The idea for a protected performance area arose after a royal procession escorting Napoleon the third and his wife to the opera was bombed by a group of revels and scores were killed. Napoleon wanted an ope ra house where royalty could enter less publicly, and created a contest calling for new designs. The architect Charles Garnier won. The Paris Opera House has 17 stories, covers three acres of land, and seats 2000 people. Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera took place here and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical based on this too. The â€Å"Father of modern drama,† was a Norwegian playwright who’s name is Henrik Ibsen. James A. Herne began his theatre career as a very good actor. Later he became a stage manager at Baldwin’s Academy of Music in California, a job that brought him many more roles. In 1878, he married the actress Katherine Corcoran, a member of the Baldwin acting company, and began a career as a playwright to write leading parts for him and his wife. Naturalism was a theatrical school of thought developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. it introduced sets that looked as real as possible, characters who spoke in a natural way, and story lines that were plausible. The primary spokesperson for early naturalism was French novelist Emile Zola(1840 – 1902). How to cite History of Theatre, Papers

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United Arab Emirates Economy

Based on the socio-economic indicators such as HDI, GDP growth and GDP per capita, we notice that the United Arab Emirates is a highly developed economy that has grown quite rapidly over recent years. Since 2004 when the GDP of the UAE grew by 11.9 percent, it has continued to grow at high rates over the years. In 2010, however, the growth rate fell and hit an all-time low of -1.6 percent. This was attributed to the crisis in Dubai, which ended up affecting the rest of the Emirates (Anderson, Anderson, Cool, 2010). Advertising We will write a custom report sample on United Arab Emirates Economy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This was after the property prices plummeted after the government construction company, Dubai World, sought to delay debt payments. The GDP, however, seemed to bounce back when they registered a 1.4 percent growth rate in the first half of 2011. The earlier growth was credited to the diversification of the economy where there was reduced reliance on natural resources as the manufacturing, construction and the services sector grew. The GDP per capita on the other hand, has also been rising rapidly as the wealth of the UAE increases. It is, however, not the leading country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as far as its GDP is concerned. Among the MENA countries, it is third behind Qatar, which is first and Kuwait, which is second. This has been a direct result of diversification which has made both local and foreign labor to be on demand, which means high incomes for workers (Gonzalez, 2008). It has one of the highest Human Development Indexes (HDI) in the world, which was calculated to be 0.846 in 2011. It is argued that the UAE has the highest average income per person in the world since it recorded over US$ 1 trillion in foreign investments in its assets. The city of Abu Dhabi has been rated as the world’s richest city by CNN with a GDP, measured by purchasing power parity, of US$ 400.4 billion (Elsheshtawy, 2011). This makes the UAE one of the best places to invest. This has been promoted by adoption of foreign investment policies that have made it one of the best places to trade, with the Dubai International Financial Center offering 55.5 percent ownership to foreign investors. There was also the review of investment tax laws which were borrowed from some of the world’s greatest financial centers, and this has led to companies basing their international operations in Dubai. The huge foreign investments have led to a construction boom with huge real estate projects being commissioned (Gorgenlà ¤nder, 2011). With the growth in the economy the government has had to invest heavily in infrastructure especially in the transport and energy sectors. With the diversification of the economy there was the formation of the Abu Dhabi investment company, which is one of the UAE’s greatest sources of foreign exchange. Advertising Looki ng for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It manages over US$ 360 billion in overseas investments as well as over US$ 900 billion in assets. It was, however, estimated that the UAE held over US$ 128.6 billion in external debts and it has been the mandate of the government to ensure that this doesn’t grow any further. Though this is not a high number when compared to other world economies, it is still significant considering that the UAE economy is still young and growing. With the commissioning of massive real estate projects as well as huge investments in the services industry, the economy of the UAE is destined to grow even further in coming years. This will further be boosted by the increased confidence by foreign investors in the UAE as an investment destination which over time has led to increased incomes. References Anderson, W, Anderson, L, Cool, I. (2010). An atlas of Middle Eastern affa irs. New York: Taylor Francis. Elsheshtawy, Y. (2011). The evolving Arab city: tradition, modernity and urban development. New York: Routledge. Gonzalez, G. (2008). Facing human capital challenges of the 21st century: education and labor market initiatives in Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. New York: Rand Corporation. Gorgenlà ¤nder, V. (2011). A Strategic Analysis of the Construction Industry in the United Arab Emirates: Opportunities and Threats in the Construction Business. New York: Verlag. This report on United Arab Emirates Economy was written and submitted by user Vaughn Stone to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.